Nearly 100 posts - so a Giveaway!

This is my 98th Post. Which means that in two posts time I'll be on my 100th post. Goodness me! So, I've decided to do a little Foodie Giveaway.
All you need do is make a comment on either this post, or my next one, or my next one (You'll have  up until the time I make my 101st post!) Then I'll draw the winner. It would be lovely if you became a follower, but it's not necessary. If you have a blog too, it would be lovely if you put a link to Fat Dormouse. But it's not necessary.

I am feeling very Fat Dormouse at the moment. I'm not exercising enough, and I'm eating too much.
Calories in - calories out = still too many calories in!!! Danièle was talking about going to some kind of Spa where for a week you have nothing but tisanes, juice, and water AND you go out for long healthy walks. It costs 400€ a week. I offered to have her stay for half that and I'd feed her nothing but tisanes, juice and water...but she didn't seem so taken with the idea! Quite frankly, it sounds like a recipe for disaster - far too few calories in for the amount of exercise. And, I would imagine, all the lost weight goes back on as soon as you start eating normally.
( This is a picture of a Fat Dormouse. It certainly does look a bit porky!)

So, I'm thinking of attempting Slimming World-ish type food again. So the menus and recipes may not be quite so mouth watering! But maybe they will. We'll see.
The most difficult things for me on a diet are breakfast & lunch. Dinner is fine, as it doesn't need to be easy to carry or anything like that, but I find lunch hard to plan anything interesting for...also if I don't have enough I go all wobbly later on. I usually do sandwiches - but bread isn't great on SW...especially French bread!

I think the other problem is that there isn't the range of stuff that SW recommends using for cooking here in France. Which is great in many ways, because it forces you to use fresh, non processed foods, but it makes finding usable recipes a little more difficult. The old stand-bys of  Muller light yoghurts, Quorn, low fat sausages etc aren't available...and, at the same time, I'm needing to cut down on spending and the options are therefore cut even further! Of course what I still need to remember is the equation:
Calories in - calories out = still too many calories in!!! If I'm exercising more, I needn't worry quite so much!

MONDAY Chickpea and Spinach curry and rice. This isn't a SW recipe but, on a Green day, it's practically Syn free.
Green day Breakfast:  Mushrooms on toast (0.5 HA for toast)    Lunch:  Egg mayo sandwiches (1 Syn mayo. HA for 2 slices bread) 0% yoghurt, fruit, low fat muffin (4 syns)

TUESDAY: I bought some yellow label chicken legs last week. I think I'll give us a bit of a treat and cook a version of Lemon and Garlic Chicken  with warm Potato Salad . It looks fairly simple and quick to cook. We have potatoes and green beans already so there you go! I'll probably cook some courgettes too.
Red day Breakfast: Cheese slice on toast (0.5 HA for toast; HB cheese slice)    Lunch:  Ham sandwich(. HA for 2 slices bread) 0% yoghurt, fruit, low fat muffin (4 syns)

WEDNESDAY: Baked potatoes with prawns and creamy yoghurt sauce and salad. I'm just making this recipe up, using a mix of mayo/natural yoghurt & tomato purée. Salad will be the usual green stuff and tomatoes. I don't know how many Syns in this, but if we're sensible, it won't be too many.
Red day Breakfast: Mushrooms on toast (0.5 HA for toast; HB cheese slice)    Lunch:  Ham sandwich(. HA for 2 slices bread) 0% yoghurt, fruit, low fat muffin (4 syns)

THURSDAY: This recipe seems so easy to be true! An oven baked tomato and bacon risotto... I have a phone interview for a possible summer job, round about dinner cooking time, so this will be perfect to prepare and pop in the oven.
Red day Breakfast:  Porridge 35g porridge oats & water plus 0.5 tbsp golden syrup (HA + 2 syns)    Lunch:  Roast chicken sandwich sandwich(. HA for 2 slices bread) 0% yoghurt, fruit, low fat muffin (4 syns) Dinner 3.5 syns

FRIDAY: This asparagus frittata sounds yummy, served with potato wedges. 
Green day Breakfast:   Porridge 35g porridge oats & water plus 0.5 tbsp golden syrup (HA + 2 syns)  Lunch: Vegetable soup, bread and cheese slice(. HA for 2 slices bread HB cheese slice) 0% yoghurt, fruit, low fat muffin (4 syns)    Dinner 2.5 syns

To be honest, this planning has taken me forever and I'm not very happy with it. I've done some of it from memory so I'll have to get my books out to inspire me a bit more & hopefully to speed up! If anyone does Slimming World and can give me any tips I'd be very grateful - especially for lunches.

Thank you too for your tips on having more fruit and vegetables... I've decided to start having a small starter each day of salad stuff - grated carrot, grated courgette, a spoonful of cous cous, a few olives, a couple of tomatoes etc. This will help fill us up plus hopefully add to the F&V intake. I won't list the F&V as I did last week - I didn't actually keep to what I'd said, so it was a bit of a waste of time. If I'm doing Slimming World seriously I need to be more aware of "Syns" so I'll be looking at that, rather than counting F&V.


  1. Hi
    I do love these giveaways I think I'm getting into the hang of it. Please count me in as I'm already a follower and I'll paste a link to your blog on my blog this evening...I'm looking forward until I am able to offer my own...that'll be fun!
    I've been watching a documentary about this new dieting cult called "breatharianism" where you don't eat at all just take gulps of air. This isn't a joke I have seen the documentary and the lady who runs it has over 50,000 followers world wide. Personally I'll stick to the traditional watch what you eat diet and exercise even if it takes long!

    Amanda xx

    at Crafty in the Med

  2. The chickpea and spinach curry looks so delicious! I could eat chick peas every day! They are so delicious!
    Congratulations to your almost 100 posts!

  3. Hi me again!
    all sorted image and link to your giveaway pasted on my blog.

    keep well


    at Crafty in the Med

  4. Have you looked at Jennie Brand Miller's GI Diet Book [JBM was the pioneer in the GU diets] Just a few simple changes to what you are eating already may make a significant difference. It did for us!

  5. Yay a giveaway :) It's almost time for me to do my 100 post giveaway to, so I will watching how you do yours for insperation lol.
    x x x

  6. Good luck with the diet ... I am trying weight watchers (without joining) again.... it is so hard isn't it! And Amanda, I heard of Breatharians and I really do not fancy that at all, even if there aren't any calories lol xx


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