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Otherwise, I can tell you that yesterday's quiche, coleslaw and jacket potatoes was very nice. I added some cherry tomatoes and cucumber, and green beans, so we probably had THREE vegetable portions all told in that meal. Huzzah!
TUESDAY: I've already had juice, an apple (as a snack) and coleslaw/cucumber/cherry tomatoes for lunch. I'm guessing that's possibly four in total. With the fish casserole tonight we're having a mix of leeks and courgettes, which, at a rough estimate will give another 1.5 portions. If I have a few dried apricots too I'll be well over the F&V portion target.

Though I won't be surprised if you're not that interested!!
On Sunday now - just to catch up:

Wednesday - We had the Spanish pork with rice.  There wasn't quite enough for two portions so I padded it out with some extra sauce and a few olives. So it was rice-and-olive-sauce-with-pork.
THURSDAY - I forgot to get kidney beans so I made  pasta dish with mince. I added vegetable soup to the mix, but it didn't do it many favours. Not a successful meal, really.
FRIDAY - I threw par boiled potatoes, peppers, mushrooms, onions, courgettes and chorizo into a baking tray. I stuck it in the oven for about 45 minutes. We ate it. Delicious!
SATURDAY: We had friends for a meal. They're vegetarian, so the planned Toulouse sausage dish is for tonight. (And anyway, 2 toulouse sausages wouldn't have gone round 5 of us!!) We had Courgette & Green bean salad with tahini dressing (A River Cottage recipe) and then mushroom risotto. Danièle brought an apple tart so we had that for pudding.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my son's birdhouse. I can see it from my kitchen window and it makes me smile every time it catches my eye :) BJ

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    Thank you for your comment, and Zoe is looking forward to meeting your furry babies!!! I haven't received your email yet, so here is my address again:

    Anna & Zoe :)


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