A card made for someone at church...

Read all about it over on the Teapot. Plus also Do Birds Have Meetings?
Now is your chance to find out!


  1. Somewhere in my memory, I remember that you live near Clermont-Ferrand. This year for vacation instead of the usual, visit the mother in Florida USA, we are taking a road trip to Bordeaux from Metz. We head out later this morning. If this is the area you live in I would love to meet you, your husband and cats. We have reservations for the first 3 days in Bordeaux and then we are going where ever the car takes us. On the plan is a night in Clermont-Ferrand later in the week, this coming Thursday/Friday perhaps. Let me know if you are interested in meeting.

    1. Hi Jean! What a lovely idea - but...Next week is a busy one for me, as my mum and brother are coming to stay so we'll be entertaining them. Or working. So I'm not really sure it will be possible to meet up. We don't live very close to Clermont, as we're about 80 km away, but I work there on Monday, Thursday & Friday. Lunch on Thursday 2nd Nov might be a possibility, as I'm working in CFd in the morning - but I can make no promises, as I'm not quite sure what the plans are yet. My email address is alison (dot) wale (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk if you want to contact me directly. That way I can give you my phone number & we can make contact that way. Thank you for thinking of me though!


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