News about food...and cats

So, over at The Teapot we have...

Some of the things I've been making - including soup.... HERE

Plans for Healthier eating... HERE

A book review...HERE

Poor Cat News....HERE


  1. I'm so sorry to read about the cats. It's great that they've let you help them tho.... I also smiled about your wedding invitations. Almost exactly the same thing happened to us last year. We've gone for the best part of 20 years without any weddings at all then we went to two in 24 hours. I hope that you're feeling ok - not too tired and stuff. Sending lots of love, Jx

  2. Definitely sounds like you need a break from the potato only diet if it is causing stress like that!!
    I want to visit and sit with the kitties and watch the squirrels pop in and out!! please check out Bossy Flossie


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