A couple more posts over at The Teapot

 Sorry, I must dash out to Ikea...

But, does it come with the cats already installed?!


So this is just to let you know I've posted a couple more posts at The Teapot - I'm trying to do a bit more exercise, so there are a couple of posts about those.

and here

Also there's a post about some Christmas crafting - I'm making quite a lot of cards at the moment, hoping to sell them.


  1. Ha! Cats do like cubbies, don't they?

    1. As I can't figure out how to comment on my own, will tag along with Pom Pom. When I moved, I brought eleven cats, four kittens, four horses and two dogs with me. I'm no longer running a "cat house" because there's a lovely barn they can use. The cats have also worn me down to allowing them on the back deck soon to be porch. Seems this cubbie would be a good fit for them, eh? lol


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