In and Out!

😺 Sorry to everyone who might be coming here at the moment to catch up on my blog. I've been blogging regularly over at The Teapot, for 40 Acts, but not really had time to blog here too. 

I think blogging at Fat Dormouse may be temporarily suspended until Lent is over...but please do pop over to The Teapot to see what I've been up to. 🙀

Just briefly, Mr FD is spending a few days in Germany, at his Uncle's 85th birthday celebrations. His mum and sister will be there (sister over from Canada) and it will give him the chance to catch up with his German cousins too.

So while the Cat has been away this Dormouse has been playing - Thursday evening Friend Alison came for apèros. A bottle of rosé and a couple of hours later we'd set some of the world to rights. Yesterday evening, I decided to stay in Clermont after my lessons and I went to the cinema! I treated myself to a beer and a salad (chicken-and-bacon, with lots of lettuce, avocado and onion rings. Yummy!) and then went to see La La Land. I really enjoyed it, and was very glad I had gone.

When I got home, at 10.15, all the cats were gathered behind the front door, miaowing frantically. I had several bags with me and when I opened the door Millie made a bid for freedom, closely followed by Pomme. Luckily, only Millie succeeded (as I dropped my bags and almost fell on top of Pomme!). I say "luckily" as she is a scaredy-cat, and after one panic struck moment when she looked round the courtyard and thought "Why am I here?!" she scooted back in. Pomme, on the other hand, is a nightmare to chase back into the house, so I was very grateful that she didn't manage it! 

 Tonight I may catch up with the episodes of Coronation Street that I haven't seen, or find a romantic-comedy to watch - the kind of film Mr FD doesn't really like. I have a bottle of red open, and some left over pork-and-chorizo to eat. 

I hope everyone is well. Thank you for popping in - if I have time I will update here too, but otherwise maybe I'll see you at the Teapot.


  1. I didn't know Mr FD had relatives in Germany!

    1. Yes. This weekend he's living in up in Gottingen. I have no idea where that is, but I hope he's having a good time. I'm in Munich in May for a Church conference and then in Weisbaden (spelling?) in October.

  2. Your description of the cats made me smile...! Jx

  3. Ha, the cats made me smile!!!!x


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