Light and Dark

Hello dear Peeps. I am happy to have your company - thank you for dropping by.

Like much of the world, we are in a subdued mood here in Dormouse Towers: with the turmoil and instability in the world at the moment I find it difficult to be optimistic. The events in Nice, the  effects of Brexit, the failed coup in Turkey...these are just the big events that are going on. Around the world there are other less "news worthy" events happening. When searching for information to add into my post over at The Teapot I came across a site listing all the terrorist attacks that have occurred this year. It is truly shocking. Many of them we never hear about on the global news, but every day in several countries there are attacks, and deaths. For example, on just one day, 12th July, there were 6 different attacks, in Iraq, Saudi Arabia,  and Nigeria resulting in the deaths of 59 people. This is our world.

We feel hopeless and useless - at least, I know I do, - but I suppose all we can do is resolutely continue to live our lives normally, and try to bring light and love into this world of darkness.

So in the face of fear, and pain and evil I can only pray that I will be one who can bring light, love and compassion to the world. Hold your loved ones a little closer and appreciate them today, for there are many who can no longer do that.

So now, a couple of cute LOLcats to bring some fluffy loveliness to your heart

And on with the mundanity of life here in a small village in France...

The planned hog roast was a bit of a disaster - Mr FD thought it was an all-afternoon event, so we turned up at 6.00 to find it had closed down! So we had Friday's planned sausage, aligot and green beans on Thursday, while watching "What We Did on our Holiday" - a really amusing film. Great fun, and well recommended

It has David Tennant in too, which is a bonus!

On Friday we had the meal I'd planned for Wednesday, as on Wednesday we'd had the impulse buy of spare ribs.

TODAY: Friend Cathy and I are going to see a Sting tribute this evening, so we thought we'd make an evening and have a pizza out. Mr FD is going to cook himself liver and bacon. Yeeuch.

SUNDAY: Cottage pie - not made from a recipe. Just mince-y mixture with mashed potato on top.

I'm not quite following this recipe, as the one I have uses peanut butter - which has made Mr FD happy. VERY happy...He has a penchant for crispbread with peanut butter and cheddar. A friend at church gave me a huge block of cheddar from their trip to the UK, so Mr FD is having slabs of the stuff on peanut butter. I am trying to be more restrained, as cheese-eating needs to be reduced on my cholesterol-busting regime. TBH, it's hardly "busting" any cholesterol, but I am making an effort to restrict myself to one helping of "baked goods" a day, and my lunchtime sandwich fillings have changed to less processed meat and cheese.

TUESDAY: The rest of the cottage pie.

WEDNESDAY: Mexican bean burgers, salad, potato wedges

THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY - no idea! We're going away on a little break! We have tickets to see David Gilmour in the arena at Nimes, so we are staying with a friend on Thursday night, and then in a B&B near Aix en Provence on Friday and Saturday nights.

We want to have lunch here

on Thursday. We've eaten here before and it is very good. It will give us the opportunity to buy a little something for Isabelle to say "Thank You" for putting us up too. They sell lots of delicious things to eat and drink.

We may also slip a little something into the basket for ourselves. We love their balsamic vinegar and fig salad dressing!

Other than that we don't know where or what we'll be eating, but I'm sure we'll find nice places! 

Thank you once again for your comments.

CAROLE R - definitely Lyon for food! And there are lots of places serving fish. In fact quenelles de brochet (pike quenelles) are a speciality of Lyon. My MiL doersn't eat meat and she has always eaten well in Lyon. One of our favourite places to go with her is Le Sud which is right near the centre of the city. Let me know if you decide to go - I can give you other recommendations too.

SWEET THINGS CREATE: Thank you too for your comment! I always wonder what to do with things I create - I try to give them away mostly - but it's comforting to know others have the same problem!!

I hope you all have a good week, full of light and love and peace. Take care, and I'll try to post sometime soon after our break away. 


  1. It is really crazy how many awful things are going on in the world. Thank you for your positive messages.
    Those peanut noodles look really tasty!
    Have you received the cheque yet? I posted it last Saturday!x

  2. Have a relaxing, tasty and SAFE trip!

  3. I'll come over for dinner on Tuesday. I wish I could feed and cuddle the cats while you are away!
    I'm going to watch that movie!

  4. Ooh, enjoy David Gilmour! I love Aix; it's where my correspondante still lives with her family.
    Thanks for the cheery lolcats. I'm enjoying adding them to my blog posts too. Take care. x


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