Bake me a cake as fast as you can...

Odette fell in love with scones, clotted cream and jam while in the UK...first discovered in the NT Tea shop at South Foreland lighthouse

My MiL showed her how to make them (but forgot to add both the sugar and the fruit) (!), Mr FD and I had a (ahem) discussion about the correct pronunciation (I'm on the "sconn" side, he's on the "scown" side), we tried some more in Cambridge, and Odette asked for the recipe in French.

Today, having three leopard bananas in the fruit bowl, and having been reminded of scones by making a scone-based pizza yesterday, I made a batch of banana-and-chocolate-chip scones, and a batch of cranberry scones. Plus a banana-and-honey-spiced cake. I found the recipe in French on Google (saves me a lot of hassle!) so I'm taking half of each batch round to Odette in a bit (when my cake's cooked!)

I have to say, the banana-and-choc-chip ones were very good!

Here's the recipe in French should you wish to try your hand at translating...

-         250 g de farine
- 30 g de
- 50 g de
- 1 œuf
- 150 ml de lait
- 50 g de
raisins secs
- 1 pincée de
- 1 sachet de levure chimique

Préparation de la recette :

Dans un bol, mélanger la farine, le
sucre, le sachet de levure et la pincée de sel. Rajouter au mélange le beurre très mou coupé en petites lamelles.

Dans un autre bol, mélanger ensemble le lait avec l'œuf.

Rajouter progressivement ce mélange avec la farine jusqu'à ce que la pâte soit molette, rajouter un peu de farine si elle colle trop.

Rajouter les
raisins. Avec une cuillère, former des boules de 3 à 4 cm de diamètre, les déposer sur une plaque de cuisson antiadhésive. Mettre au four pendant 15 mn (à four chaud : 220°C).

On peut rajouter les autres ingrédients – cranberries secs,  pépites de chocolat etc.


  1. Oooh that lighthouse is beautifulx

  2. I'm a huge fan of ginger scones (with either honey or even marmalade!)... but I've never tried banana and chocolate chip. It sounds like a combination made in heaven!! Jx


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