Quick update and TTFN

Hello Dear Peeps!

I've just realised I haven't updated you on our menus for this week. I was busy on Saturday (though I'm not quite sure what I was doing!) and yesterday it was the church open-air service and picnic on the top of the Plateau de Gergovie. We said Goodbye and God Speed to four families who were going bakck to the States - there must have been about 20 people stood at the front! They will be missed. Of course, we have no idea whether those Michelin families who are coming over in September will want to be part of the church. We will have to wait and see. The weather was beautiful - in fact the back of my neck got a little too red!

This week is busy: I have to sort out end of month/end of quarter stuff, make sure I've got myself ready for my 6 week sojourn in the UK, make sure I've got myself ready for the 3-day Voyage with the Cyclos at the end of the week (I could do without it, TBH - I feel a bit panicky about whether I can fit everything in that I've got to do!) as well as teach on Wednesday as usual, plus a couple of phone lessons and end-of-course paperwork.

So a quick rundown:
TODAY: Cathy's coming for dinner - she's leaving tomorrow. Sad face. Hopefully she'll be back for a couple of weeks in September/October, but that's not certain. We're having Hairy Dieters' Goulash with rice and mange touts. Melon &/or cherries for dessert.

TUESDAY (fasting): Hairy Dieters' Piri-piri chicken and salad and cous-cous (small amounts)

WEDNESDAY: A Mr FD special: Roast veg/pasta sauce/pasta bake

THURSDAY: Hairy Dieters' Pork Souvlaki - planned a couple of weeks back, but never eaten. With salsa and rice.

Then on Friday we're off on the Voyage with the Cyclo Club to somewhere near the Cevennes (I think!) There will, no doubt, be lots of fuel for cyclists...! I hope to do some walking either by myself or with others from the non cycling contingent.

Back on Sunday evening, then I leave for the UK on Tuesday morning: drive through France to Calais, then ferry and a day chez MiL. Call in to see a couple of friends and then full steam ahead for LINES summer school 2015

Bottom left hand picture of me playing pat-a-cake with Lisa, one of the Kids from last year.

So this may be the last time I sign in for quite a while. Please don't forget me! I'll be back in August!!
TTFN, dear Peeps.


  1. be very careful when in Calais catching the ferry. Saw something on Daily Mail Uk about the immigrants trying to get into Britain, pretty dangerous.

  2. I won't forget about you, dear Mouse!

  3. Sounds about as hectic as my upcoming month! Safe travels, and post when you can!

  4. Take care my dear and where is this school of yours?! Is it anywhere near Northumberland!?!

  5. Sounds delicious. You have a really busy run up to your UK visit. I hope that everything goes smoothly. Jx


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