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If you've not read it already my A-Z of Travel is over at The Teapot with thanks to Kezzie for the inspiration.

I had a terrible night last night - I'd been for a walk, and had an hour's dancing during the day, and then went to Cathy's for a delicious meal (salad, blanquette de veau, cheese, pecan pie) with a few glasses of wine. I obviously had not drunk anywhere near enough water throughout what was quite a hot day, as I spent all night waking up with terrible leg/foot cramps. One point I was in tears in the bathroom, as it was so painful! I must have woken at least 12 times. This is partly a problem relating to my ever-so-gradually shortening tendons, but I think it is also a dehydration issue: this morning I have only eaten a crispbread with a slice of cheese, but I've ben so thirsty that I've drunk half-a-litre of juice-and-water, a cup of coffee and a red fruits infusion!

I must remember that too much wine + exercise + not enough water = a very uncomfortable night!


  1. Oh no! It's hard to take the time to drink all the water we need. Fuel up all day, Mouse.

  2. Oh no, poor you!!!! But yay re A-Z! X


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