Easter Greetings, Easter Food and - owls?!

I just loved this LOL cats!!!

Life has been rather busy this last week, with my usual Thursday "off" (to catch up on preparing lessons/ iron/blog/ do a tad of housework etc) taken up with a training course on administering the TOIEC test. It was reasonably interesting, with a few freebies thrown in, plus a chance to catch up with colleagues I don't see very often. We also went out for a curry at lunch time. Well...I say a curry. It was chicken in a vaguely spicy sauce, but there was no sense of "curry" about it. Most of us (English)  tried to hide the snorts of derision when the waiter asked if "it was too spicy" for us?! Still, the garlic naan was nice (if a bit thin) and the onion bhaji was tasty (if a bit odd, being onion-ring bhajis) 
LOLOwls has opened up a whole new seam of irrelevant photos!

Next week I will need to get my head around a new timetable - my lessons in Clermont that take up all Monday are finishing, so Monday will become free. My all day lessons on Tuesday will start up again, so Tuesday will no longer be free to prepare. Wednesday stay the same: out all day in Roanne (but for 2 weeks it's school holidays, so I will only be there in the morning). Thursday will involve a couple of phone lessons, and Friday,  which currently has a free morning, will be taken up with a 3 hour lesson in the morning and then teaching/shopping in Roanne in the afternoon. Of course, if Infolangues give me more phone lessons that may all change again!!

Sorry I haven't blogged my menus much recently. I have still been meal planning, but just not blogging. I think I need to tidy out my big larder cupboard again though - it's so messy I don't know what's in it! It doesn't help that Mr FD isn't very good at keeping to a system, so everything just gets lobbed in. 

TODAY: stuffed peppers and jerk chicken drumsticks. The peppers were for yesterday, but I didn't make them as there wasn't time before I went out. So I have peppers to use, plus other bits-and-bobs to stuff them with. Plus two chicken drumsticks. So I bought more chicken to jerkify and then to freeze.

SUNDAY: Souris d'agneau, with roast potatoes, carrots and leek-and-broccoli cheese.

But I'm afraid my souris d'agneau are ready prepared and just need warming through! 
MONDAY: Duck confit tart - good for the soul if not for the waistline!! Served with green salad. Lots of green salad! We may be attacking the courtyard today so we'll need sustenance!

TUESDAY (fasting) Imam biyaldi, chickpea salad, tomato salad.

WEDNESDAY: Beef casserole from the freezer, baked potatoes and vegetables. OR leftover duck tart. Not sure yet.

THURSDAY: Mushroom fajitas. But with rice. I have made these before and they are lush.

FRIDAY: (fasting) Turkey with pesto and mushrooms - basically turkey escalope, sauce made with pesto and mushrooms. As I'm fasting, there'll not be too much of the turkey and pesto but a lot of mushrooms! Mr Fd can have pasta with this. I'll just have veggies.

As always, thank you for your comments. It is always lovely to hear from you.

Some of you (SANDRA & CACHE MIRE) commented on the recipe for plum pudding cake - it was a success, although I cut down on the amount of sugar in it, which may have been a mistake. We've been eating it as a cake, but I may make custard and have it warmed as pudding tonight. 

KEZZIE - the sweet potato and spinach dish worked well, but I think it's better as an accompaniement to something (meat?!) The tomato sauce is necessary too. I had it just with extra veggies on Tuesday, but preferred it with the chicken casserole on Wednesday. 

FRUGAL IN FRANCE - I find 5:2 reasonably easy, now I'm in the swing of things. It's not great, fasting, but it's bearable. As I remind myself, many people survive on less than my fasting day every day of their lives!

I had several comments about my boots - oh they are so comfortable! And I can dance in them!! 

POMPOM - Are the owls to your taste or do you prefer the cats?!

Here is an Easter Bunny Cat for you all
Wishing all my dear readers a Happy and Blessed Easter
If you want to read what I thought of 40 Acts, here's a link to The Teapot (if you need them, there are certainly LOLcats there!)


  1. Love the cat! Happy Easter to you when it arrives...

  2. I love the owls, too! I really do! I wish you a WONDERFUL Easter, Mouse! I hope your day is full of laughter and joy!
    I'm so glad you are my friend!


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