Christmas Catch Up.

Hello Dear Readers - if, that is, I have anyone left after a longish break! I am sorry - Real Life rather got in the way. Nothing bad, but just time consuming! I had hoped to have all of Christmas week off, to prepare, and enjoy preparing, for Christmas.

However I ended up teaching for 6 hours on both Monday and Tuesday: Good for the bank balance (when I finally get paid - the company are notoriously slow at paying!) but not so good for preparations! In the end, I decided to forgo some of the planned stuff (Goodbye Christmas cookies! Au revoir cleaning the bathroom!) and just do what I could, without feeling guilty over what wasn't finished. That was the best possible solution. We cleaned as much as we could on Christmas Eve morning- Mr FD doing what he could with his rather slow-to-heal scar - and then in the afternoon, I roasted a ham (bought during a lightning raid on Ikea on Monday evening), visited a friend for a chat, and made mulled wine for friends who visited us later that evening. We didn't go to church, but I'd been to the Nine Lessons and Carols on Sunday evening. It is a long way to travel and Mr FD wasn't feeling up to it - he'd been disappointed not to get to the Carol Service due to discomfort. 

Christmas Day was quiet but lovely. We woke lateish, and had a croissant for breakfast. Then we opened a couple of presents and listened to Cerys Matthews retelling of A Child's Christmas in Wales on the radio. I prepped the veggies and then we visited Alison & GĂ©rome for smoked salmon and champagne. After a cuppa on our return, we listened to some more radio, opened some more gifts, knitted and chatted. Foie Gras segued into Beef Wellington with hassleback potatoes, parsnips, carrots and green beans. We watched a bit of TV over cheese and fruit cake and then bed. I felt slightly guilty that I hadn't taken the time to be "religious", but, in a way, in the pleasure from the simple quietness of the day, I felt God was very near.

I received some lovely gifts, including some gorgeous earrings from Mr FD. You can admire them here. MiL also sent me some amber earrings. Lovely! Lovely! Cosy socks, a Namaste star light, some soaps, books, and other goodies made this a lovely Christmas.

I have been lucky enough to receive three "Secret Santas" or swaps this year. I will write a post on them soon. And I will catch up on our food too, but for now I will just wish you a belated happy Christmas, and I truly hope you enjoyed your celebrations as much as I enjoyed mine.

PS: If you wish, you can read my sermon reflecting on the period After Christmas over at The Teapot


  1. Aw! I missed you! I'm glad your Christmas was so lovely! The cats are funny, as usual!

  2. It sounds idyllic, and most delicious. I didn't clean the bathroom either. No-one seems to have noticed!

    1. With our two permanently-moulting dogs, we clean one minute and it needs redoing the next. Quiet Christmas here, but good grub; of course. Cro x


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