Another week passes - only 8 months to Christmas!!

Hello dear Peeps!

I notice that I've lost a Follower...I wonder who it was, and why they left me. Maybe I'm not posting enough for them - I would like to post more often but somehow time runs away with me and before I know it, it's the weekend again! I don't know how Ange -and others - manage to post every day! I wouldn't have enough interesting things to say.

This week I have been eating far too much chocolate, I'm afraid! We brought lots of goodies back from the UK too, so there have been thick slices of Soreen malt loaf consumed
and various chocolates, including Walnut Whips...and white chocolate covered shortcakes. Oh dear, Fat Dormouse, oh dear!!

Menu plans for this week look like this:

I'd planned Hairy Dieters' meatloaf but forgot to buy the ingredients...having spent this morning gardening (well, balcony-ing!) my back hurts and I can't be bothered going out to buy what's needed!! So we'll have a pasta bake, using up stuff I have lying around. I'l have to make trhe meatloaf sometime though, as I've planned other meals around its frozen remains next month!

Pork chops with oven roasted ratatouille & baked potato

semi fasting
Ratatouille with pasta  - using up the left over rat from yesterday. 

Tasty fish parcels, potato wedges, green beans
I'm using sea bass, rather than cod, but otherwise it's all the same!  This is a recipe from my Woman 500 Calorie Diet recipe book .


Meat  pasta sauce & pasta is planned - or maybe not...rather a lot of pasta this week. I'm not teaching this Wednesday, as it's school holidays, so maybe I'll make the aforementioned meatloaf today and we'll have it, as planned , with oven chips and baked beans.

Again, not teaching - it's a bank holiday. There's rather a lot of them in May, unfortunately! Still, it gives me a chance to get my bills and accounts up-to-date...Hopefully the plant man will be in the market today, so I can buy some plants to fill my planters.
Anyway, food:
Cassoulet & green salad
The cassoulet is in the freezer - I don't know how well it will have survived being frozen, as I've never frozen cassoulet before. We will see, as they say!

(semi fasting)
Ham, baked potato, salad.
I brought a ham back from the UK and boiled and baked it last Sunday. Sliced and frozen, it will be providing us with several meals in the months to come. This being one of them! I'm late-ish home from teaching, so Mr FD will be in charge of baking the potatoes and prepping the salad.

Spinach & cheese soufflĂ© omelette, (but without the cream!) wedges, salad 


Thank you Jean, Pompom and Kezzie for your comments: I hope that you have no problems getting the app and that you find it useful.

Here is another LOLcats picture:

I'm preaching tomorrow, so it seemed appropriate!

I hope to post tomorrow, if only to tell you about my lovely swap gift that I received just before Easter...that's the plan, anyway. We'll see if everything goes according to it later!


  1. Yum, I had some spinach in my veg box this week so may try a version of that omelette.
    Did laugh at the LOL cats!


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