Less is More

Actually there is a tiny bit less of me - I've dropped another 1lb in the last couple of weeks. Not much, but, as Tesco delight in telling us, Every Little Helps!

But this is a quick post to say if you're looking for my Less is More cards, you need to pop over to The Teapot

We're going here tonight for my birthday meal:

It's not far away and usually has lovely food. It's typical Lyonnaise food - so maybe there's a surfeit of andouilletes, but I do enjoy going for it's friendly atmosphere. We're going with Louis and Odette.

Then tomorrow we're going to Cathy's for a meal - I'm taking a mirabelle and peach jam tart (Ooops! I should be making the jam now!) and we're off to the pictures on Monday to see "Gravity" which Mr FD is keen to see. I just like going out to the pictures - but we will NOT be eating out at the same place as we went to last time...a really crap Chinese restaurant where they took forever to refill the serve yourself starter buffet. But the worse thing was that you chose your meat, veggies and sauce for the main course, took it to the chef where they cooked it in front of you on a hotplate affair. I chose chicken - and when it was cooked, the chef was ready to put it back on the same plate that had had the raw chicken on! What's worse is that he seemed mighty confused when I started demanding a clean plate, as though he couldn't understand why I wanted one. Mr FD wrote a rather scathing review on TripAdvisor:

Nous étions là dimanche soir après une seance de cinema. Ils ont demandé un prix premium mais ils n'avait pas d'entrées ni plats principals disponible depuis 45 minutes. Quand ils sont arrives ils etaient pas bon, tiede et sans un bon gout. Les sauces avec certains plats etaient très acide.

Ils avaient aussi des viandes et crevettes crus, dans un endroit pas froid. On peut choisir des choses à amener à une grande plaque de cuisson où ils sont cuisiner. MAIS ils ont ramené les plat cuisiné sur le meme plat qui a contenu les viandes et crevettes crus, brisant la première règle de l'hygiène de la cuisine.

Donc je ne vais plus aller meme si c'est le seul restaurant ouvert. Je préfere d'avoir faim que d'être malade!


  1. Happy birthday, Mouse! I hope your birthday meals are all delicious!


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