Looking Back - and looking forward

Hello Friends - did you miss me?!

We had a wonderful break in the South of France, and Mr FD did indeed cycle up Mont Ventoux! He only did it once though, as the weather wasn't really on our side, so the planned three-pronged ascent didn't happen. Still, he did the ascent from the hardest side (apparently) and was beaming - and sweating (despite the snow!) at the top. Until I know how to import my photos (Mr FD thinks it's something to do with the size of them) you will have to go over to The Temporary View for photos of our exploits.

There are also detailed lists of what food was consumed - an awful lot of it! Which meant that we were back fasting on Friday. It was lovely to have comments about how noticeable it was that I'd lost weight. Though after the amount of food I put away in four days I should think most of it has gone back on!! Desserts featured a lot of these:
in various guises. But also, usually, with Chantilly cream!

This week we are also likely to be consuming a little more food than is good for us, as we've got friends arriving on Wednesday. They're only here for a few days and so we have to get as many delicious meals in as possible!! I'm working on Thursday and Friday mornings, so we'll have to make the most of the afternoonsand evenings!

Anyway, back into the regular format, this is what we will be eating:
SUNDAY (today) : I'm going to make a paste of pesto and cream cheese, and put it under the skin of a chicken breast, wrap it in pancetta and cook. Served with hassleback potatoes, carrots and ratatouille (made with slightly ancient vegetables!)

MONDAY: Fast day. One Pot Southern Style Rice. As this is only 232 calories a portion, I'll probably throw in 20g per person of chorizo adding a further 80 calories each.

TUESDAY: I cooked far too much sausage-and-pasta yesterday, so we'll have that as a pasta bake today. Mr FD will be in charge of putting in the oven as I'm out teaching and shopping.

WEDNESDAY: Our friends will be arriving today. While I thought we might go out, I've decided I'll put something in the slow cooker so they can relax this evening after their travels. I think I'll make something like this beef casserole with a Potato Dauphinoise. I can prepare both of these before I go to Roanne to teach and then it's just an hour or so for the Dauphinoise in the oven. Mr FD can be charged with buying dessert.

THURSDAY: Eat out.

FRIDAY: Eat out.

SATURDAY: Veg curry from the freezer, naan bread and mango chutney.

SUNDAY: Beef cobbler (I have mince in the freezer, so I shall use that up.) I usually like to do something a bit more "special" on Sunday, but I think that this will be fine. It's usually very tasty, so I don't think I need worry too much!

This afternoon I'm going to empty my big pantry cupboard and clean it and organise it a bit better. My, that should be fun!

As the post over at The Temporary View is so long, I think I'll stop now. Ta-ra!


  1. Hi Mouse! Yes, I did miss you! I'm glad you're back!


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