Faffing about and Food

First the faffing:
I've been faffing about creating a new (temporary, I hope) blog - the Wibsite has a problem, so I have created a blog for the interim: A Temporary View I hope you will pop over there from time to time to see what's going on.
I would have just stuck with this blog, but (STILL. Sigh) Blogger is refusing to upload my photos. So I couldn't show off my Less is More challenge creations. Thus: A Temporary View was created.

Now the Food.
The plans made for last week changed a little, when we were invited out for dinner on Friday night, by Richard, who also presented me with a cauliflower and some cheese. He's going back to the UK for a bit, so these were the last bits lingering in his fridge. We're always happy to help!

So, on Friday we went next door to the Hotel de Londres
(It isn't really built on a slope - that's just the "artistry" of the photographer!) I had foie gras to start, magret de canard in a pepper sauce and the dessert which I adore "Mendiant". Now, this is what is normally referred to as a mendiant:a disc of chocolate with dried fruit atop:

But the dessert consists of dried fruit and nuts in a warm toffee sauce, served with ice cream and a tuile biscuit. It is delicious, but it certainly isn't worth the 8€ charged  A la Carte, so I only have it when I'm on a "menu". Which I was. And it was yummy!

Because I had the cauliflower and cheese, I made cauliflower-lardon-and-chorizo-cheese for supper last night, served with a jacket potato. As the cauli was so large, I made two and one is now in the freezer for another day. The planned pasta bake only used store cupboard ingredients so they can sit happily for another day.

Next week is looking a little like this:
MONDAY: Porridge for breakfast and Mexican bean burger for supper. We'll have these with salad and possibly a bit of rice. As next week is Mr FD's epic ride(s) up Mont Ventoux, he's semi-fasting only, in order to give him enough energy to continue his training rides.

We won't be having the buns, but we will have the salsa & the salad.

TUESDAY: A type of potato/pepper/chorizo (must buy some more!)/courgette bake. Possibly with a couple of eggs. As I have two aubergines, there may well be some aubergine in there too.

WEDNESDAY: As I appear to have three containers of vegetable curry in the freezer, we'll have one of these, with naan breads.
This may change however, if a Film night at Cathy's takes place. Who knows...

THURSDAY: Fast day today, to give us the opportunity for pasta the-day-before tomorrow (does that make sense?) The recipe for Aubergine Parmeggiano over at I'm Counting UFOs seems to fit the bill - especially for using up aubergines! I may have to cook them on Wednesday evening and just heat them up on Thursday as I'm out until 7.00 and they take 45 minutes to cook.

FRIDAY: There's mince in the freezer and pasta in the fridge. Something with those ingredients that uses up anything else that's malingering in the fridge...
...because tomorrow we're off down South to B├ędoin to this Chambres d'Hotes:

We're meeting Louis and Odette, Gilles and Sylvie for a few days. The boys are off cycling. The girls will do other things - walking, shopping, relaxing, who knows...but I'm sure it will be lovely! I hope the weather is warm enough to try out the pool - but I fear it won't be.


  1. Hi Mouse!
    Have LOTS of fun! That swimming pool looks heavenly!

  2. It's raining here, and looks set to last; our pool will stay firmly CLOSED until June 1st.

  3. I just looked at the temperature in Bedoin-I hope it warms up for you. Foie gras magret de canard. oh la la two of my favourites.

    Glad to hear your friend had minor injuries from his cycling accident.


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