To celebrate you all

I like Giveaways. I like Giving Away.
I like you, my lovely 32 followers. And you, other readers who may have popped over from my other blog - I like you too.
I like the fact that even though my blog isn't that interesting, you still make lovely comments, and make me feel part of this blogosphere community.
I like life (generally)

So to celebrate nothing more than it's 23rd August, that Life is Good, and that I bought two things that I don't need, I offer you a Giveaway.

The first is this jolly bag:
It's a Tesco Bag-for-life bag, in fabric made of recycled plastic bottles. I bought it when I was in the UK to carry my stuff around Summer School, as I'd not taken anything suitable. So it's been used for about 6 weeks. The straps are long enough to go over your shoulder. I have myriad bags, all lovely, and so, while I'm tempted to keep this, I don't need it, and I'm sure other people might like it.

The other is this:
A brilliant book by the brilliant Philippa Gregory. She makes history come alive, writing about the Tudor period in such a way that you can believe you are there. I bought this at Hampton Court Palace, when I was there with the students

(Just look at the Little Darlings...) (actually, altho this includes two of my least favourite children from the entire 5 weeks, it also includes 3 of my favourites, so it's sort of swings and roundabouts.) (I wonder if you can guess which are which...)
Top row, left to right: Susie (my lovely AO assistant) Fahti (Turkish) and Sergey (Russian)
Bottom row, L-R, Maria (Russian), Ezra (Turkish), Antoine (French), Luis (Spanish), Gleb (Russian)

Anyway, back to the Giveaway. I saw the book in the Hampton Court giftshop and leapt upon it with glee. "Another Philippa Gregory!" I yelped, not recognising the cover, or the blurb, and bought it without much ado. When I got home I put it on my shelf with the other PG books..and discovered that I had it in a different cover, and I'd read it so long ago I'd forgotten I'd read it!! Don't worry, this is not a sign that it is bad and unmemorable, but just that I read so many books I forget what I have read...I could give it to someone as a Christmas present, but most readers in my family ate now equipped with Kindles, and those that aren't, well, I'm not sure that this is their cup of tea.

So, I thought of you, my Dear Readers.

All you need do to win either of these, is to make a comment saying which you'd prefer - so I can then do two draws for the two prizes - and (why not have a bit of fun?!) say who you think are my  3 favourite students from the picture above. If the person I draw out is correct, then they'll win a little extra something! You can also guess my least favourite too, if you want, but I may not confirm if you're correct for fear of retribution!

It would be lovely if you wanted to become a follower  but that's not necessary. Comments are though!

I don't know how to provide "buttons" and so forth, but if you put a link to this post from your own blog, to encourage others to join in (and maybe become a follower) that would be lovely. But not necessary either.


  1. hello there

    HOw are you???
    I would love to join in your giveaway but I won't because I won the last to give others a chance. I'll be happy though to give a shout out about it on my next post and a link on my blog. I'll use the pic of the book you've got here...ok?
    Bet you don't know were a follower on my friend connect followers list but you've disappeared from it I wonder if its blogger messing around??'

    Lovely to have you back

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. The bag looks great - ones that have long straps are so useful [I try and carry too much at once, so a shoulder strap is a real boon] Not read that PG yet [with any sort of cover!]

    Thanks for comment on my blog.

    blessings x

  3. Hello Alyson!
    You have a new follower on this blog! :)
    I love that bag! :) And the 3 favourite students... hmmm... maybe Maria, Ezra and Gleb?
    Have a lovely weekend!!!
    Kisses to your furry babies!

  4. Good to see you at home again. I haven't been ignoring you -just miles behind with my blog reading. I do love the recycled bottles bag with its long straps but I've recently had treats from you via FH&C swap....can't wait till the Xmas one. Let's see if I can get it 100% wrong: favourites: Fahti Ezra and Luis

  5. I love your blogs. They are very interesting indeed- putting them into the intimidating category of blogs I read avidly but rarely comment on because I can't think of anything clever enough... So thank you for your invitation to enter- here I am! Hope I'm not too late- which Rend CD haver you been listening to because I owe you the other one and this week is my catching up on lamentably late things. Like buying school shoes and trousers and shorts, and sewing on labels and...

    1. Ezra, Luis and Gleb are by far the nicest children in the photo. They are leaning away from the nasty, precocious ones who have been sent away to give their busy parents a break. (I used to teach/live in a boarding school, so excuse the repressed bitterness!) And I'm going to guess the irrepressible and far too happy after a day of history in action Antoine and Sergey as the not so nice. You'll have to put me out of my delusions in an email!! I have lots of bags and lots of books. This is a dilemma. Maybe I'd like the bag best. Hmm.

  6. I do read this blog on occasion, although I read your other one more. Looks like summer school was good. Glad you made it home safely. I love bags, esp ones that fit on your shoulder, but I think I'd prefer the book as it is one I haven't read. Thanks for the chance.

  7. It a late entry from due to petty things like childbirth getting in the way of blogging lol.

    I would love to try the book please, just perfect for picking up with my cup of tea at babys naptime.

    My guess for the 3 faves is Ezra, Luis and Gleb. They all seem to be quite popular guesses, wonder if we got it right?
    x x x


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