Time to relax!

Well, it shopuldn't be for me, really... I said I'd give myself 20 minutes to catch up reading blogs and I'm still here 40 minutes later! I really should go and do the ironing. I have a tottering pile that's about 2 feet tall and I thought I'd be kind and do Mr F-D's too, as he won't have much free time this next week: he's working every day, and so won't want to spend his free time ironing. We don't usually do each other's ironing - it's a case of do your own when you need to - but as I'm not working and he is, I thought I'd be generous.

So, just before tackling the ironing baskets, I'll make an envelope for a wedding card I made for a friend (don't really like it, but I was devoid of ideas) and go and buy the bread for lunch. Then I'll be dashing away with the smoothing iron.

But here's a photo of Bib enjoying June's blog over at Cats, Dogs & Eiderdowns

She is fast asleep, leaning against my keyboard. Sweetie!


  1. Darling kitty!
    Ironing is soothing and satisfying, I think!

  2. The timing of me reading this post is too funny - I just finished a huge load of ironing! And I sat down to catch up on my blog reading. It's much too hot to be outside so some afternoon blog reading seems like a pretty good thing for me to do :)
    Hope you're enjoying your summer!


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