Way-hay! 101 posts!!

This is a very quick post, as I'm watching the Royal Flotilla on TV - I do have to say, we Brits do stuff like this quite well! - and I want to get back to our new arrival (see View From the Teapot for more details!)

But our Jubilee lunch (not a street party, I'm afraid!) was spent with Gilles, who is a great Anglophile. It wasn't a very British lunch though - duck salad, Spanish chicken, French cheese and Pear Tarte Tatin (though that was a Gordon Ramsey recipe!)  It wasn't the party we'd debated, as time ranaway with us, but it was enjoyable all the same. I have flown the flag for the UK this weekend as I put up bunting:
Home-made in card, it's got a bit damp in today's rain, but still...it's been remarked on by several people!

And now...drum roll!... it's Giveaway time!! I wrote the names of everyone who commented on the posts 98 through to 100, and picked out two. The first was Amanda from Crafty in the Med and the second was Fishcake Random from The Frugal Handmade Home. . Can you contact me with your addresses and I'll post your little prizes out to you both. Thank you for following/commenting . I hope you continue to enjoy (I assume you do) my blog!


  1. Oh! what a splendid surprise considering its my birthday too!!!!!

    Thank Thank Thank you...how many times was that 3 thank yous ok here's another thank you LOL

    Whoopee...I'm dancing :-)

    1. Can't find your email address to send you my postal address so here's mine


      Amanda :-)

  2. Thank you so much for picking me as a winner :)
    I seem to have a little lucky streak at the moment.
    My email is fishcake_random@live.com
    x x x

  3. I love your bunting! I have SO enjoyed all the festivities via blogs! Thank you!

  4. Wasn't it all fantastic - even in the rain! Congrats on your 100th!
    Mary x


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