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Just as an aside, reminded by the title, I'm really enjoying "Episodes" on TV.
I know it's been panned by some people, but I like it. The language is a bit juicy (liberally peppered with the F-word) and the content a little sexual, but the tragi-comedy moments are very good. Matt Le Blanc (Joey from "Friends", if you needed reminding) plays a good parody of himself (one assumes it's not reality...!) and the theme of a couple who love each other struggling with separation after  infidelity caused by misunderstanding is well observed.

Anyway, let's move on. We had a lovely time away with the Cyclo Club last weekend - report over on View From the Teapot - and now we need to clean the house (Erk!) as MiL is arriving on Wednesday. Neither Mr FD nor I are very keen on this, as you can tell: I'm blogging and he's doing something on his computer! Well, the cleaning will get done, or it won't! Bib was playing with a binbag full of rubbish, but things seem to have gone very quiet - she's found a spot to collapse suddenly and sleep, in the way that kittens do. Last night George got out of the velux windows in Mr FD's study - he was on the roof playing! Eeep.

    Today's classic painting (I've forgotten to add these recently) is by Jean-Edouard Vuillard and is called "Woman Cleaning". Thankfully, I have a vacuum cleaner and I don't wear a very large stripey dress.


Food for the next week-and-a-half (I've planned ahead with MiL coming) is as follows (days are a little flexible as I'm sure we'll go out once, but I don't know when)
SUNDAY (today) - Mexican spiced chicken, with some rice and green salad. I've got legs in the freezer not breasts, so I'll use those instead.
Looks tasty.
MONDAY: Steak fajitas...I wanted something quick and easy as we're in Lyon all day, as I have a doctor's appointment. Luckily, I phoned last week to check the time of my ppointment, as I  discovered it was in my diary for the wrong day! Having waited 6 months for this appointment, I  would have been gutted to have missed it by one day!!! We plan on having a meal out  and going to the cinema too - if we're going all the way over to Lyon, we might as well make a day of it.
TUESDAY: Not sure, but something along the lines of this ham-and-potato gratin but using some mushrooms, courgettes and served with green beans.

WEDNESDAY: As MiL is a fisheating vegetarian I have (of course) chosen fish or vegetarian meals. Her plane arrives at 4.45, so we'll get back home about 6.30 - or maybe later. I'm going to put a made up vegetable casserole in the slow cooker before we leave for the airport, to have with lemon couscous. That way I won't have much to do when we get home.
THURSDAY: River Cottage's Courgette and rice filo pie which I've made before, and which is very nice. With salad or maybe vegetables (ratatouille may be good with this, to give a bit of liquid)
                                                                   SOURCE: as link to recipe

FRIDAY: Felafels, Imam Biyaldi, and tzatziki, plus tomato and onion salad and bread. I've made this several times since rediscovering the recipe. (scroll down to Saturday on this post) Although it's a bit of a faff, it is very delicious.
SATURDAY: Probably out somewhere. Maybe here: Le Relais d'Urfé (another of Mr F-D's websites!)

SUNDAY: Salmon with a thyme and lemon sauce (from a bottle!) Easy!!! Probably with rice. But maybe with Hasselback potatoes (Oh! I love these!!! So easy but so delicious!)

MONDAY Fish Tagine. I don't often cook fish, or at least, not much more than a quick grill of a bit of salmon. It's not that I don't like fish, but...
However, this sounds like a very tasty recipe, with the Moroccan spicy flavours that I'm using a lot of at the moment.
TUESDAY: MiL is leaving today. So I think we might just go back to meat with a very healthy (!) sausage, beans and chips!!!

I hope you find these mouth watering, and maybe inspiring...



  1. Wonderful menu plans!
    I love both Imam Bayildi and Tajines.

    Today we are having trout [courtesy of a deacon's recent fishing holiday] plus Hollandaise Sauce [bottled] with new potatoes, and carrot&courgette batons.
    Followed by Rhubarb crumble [R being a gift from the church administrator's garden]

    I have to say, our caring congregation does ensure that the Pastor eats well!!

    Sunday blessings xx

  2. I love reading your menus, Mouse!
    Your kitty sounds so cute. There is NOTHING like a kitten.
    I love that painting! I'm going to pin this post on Pinterest because when I find art I like, I like to store it there.
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your mother-in-law. Even if the cleaning doesn't get done, she will adore your hospitality. The meals sound delicious!

  3. Hello!
    I love a bit of meal planning, I do it a lot and you have cats :) brilliant!
    I did have a headache, to be expected I suppose but I am now fully recovered.
    I have to tell you that I absolutely love Episodes and think it is the best thing on TV at the moment. Joey is brilliant in it (Matt Le Blob).
    I am going to continue reading your blog now.
    Emma (Oooh Betty) xxx

  4. I haven't heard about that show but I will definitely check it out. Sounds interesting!

  5. Oh I'm so gald to be reading this- what I SHOULD be doing instead of reading lovely blogs is writing a meal list and thus a shopping list for the week- perfect! I watched an episode of Episodes a while ago and really hated it, but now we're watching it most weeks- it does creep up on you in a very dead-pan way! And oh the poignancy of some bits indeed!


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