A Pause In Advent 2

Here's my second Foody Pause In Advent post. For another view on the Advent season please go to the Teapot.

I'm afraid we've broken into the Christmas chocklits! There is a well known brand of chocolate that is sold all over France during les Fetes de Fin d'AnnĂ©e called Revillon - they make the papillotes which are a poor imitation of British Christmas crackers. But I was delighted to find out that their factory (plus factory shop!)  is in Roanne, a mere 30 km from where I live, and where I teach once a week. I popped in and bought some chocolates to give to people at work, but also a few for ourselves. Unfortunately, yesterday evening, watching Strictly Come Dancing I heard the white-chocolate-and-coconut chocolates calling to me. Oh! What a siren song! Unlike Odysseus, I did not tie myself to the sofa and ignore their song: I hopped up quickly and went to fetch them. They are delicious!

We're going to Mum's for Christmas, and while she doesn't stint on cheese, cakes, wine,biscuits and other delicious things, she doesn't see chocolate as necessary. Mr FD and I do. So I have bought a "Mystery Cone"of Revillon chocklits to take with us to the UK. But who knows if they'll last that long!

I know Christmas is much more than food and delicious gluttony. But, in our home, and at mum's too, often the best conversations shared with friends and family are held over the dregs of the cheese and dessert. It is often then that we reminisce about Dad, about holidays, about friends and family who have died. It is often when we are chatting like this that I feel closest to Mum. I hope that this year we'll have opportunities to create more memories, and to bring to mind cherished thoughts of those we have loved and lost.


  1. Hello Mouse!
    I love your post. I'm considering heading up to the shopping mall for chocolates. If I can't bear the thought of the crowds, I'll buy the huge box of chocolates I saw at the grocery store. I love the image of you and your mum remembering loved ones, drawing closer to each other, soul to soul.

  2. Wise words for this holiday season. I remember a friend sharing a similar point many years ago when I wanted to eliminate bringing snacks to Bible study in order to save money. She made a great point then as you do now. :) Thanks for a sweet visit.

  3. I actually think that food and feasting is an integral part of the season. I have lots of plentiful memories of sitting round the table with lost loved ones. Making sure I bought the right type of dates for mum and the chocolate Brasils for Dad. These things were such a rarity, so they made Christmas all so much more speical

  4. Oh yes, Madame Mad House - Fry's Chocolate Creme was my Dad's favourite and we would always be thrilled if we could find a bar to put in his stocking! Mum preferred Cadbury's Whole Nut.

  5. I think Christmas is all about memory - we always think of my Grandma's amazing parties - the children always remember the most ginormous cardboard box full of paper shreddings and parcels - she did a lucky dip for them every year!

    Pomona x


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