A Christmas Cookie Pause In Advent

Floss, over at Troc, Broc et Recup' is holding her "A Pause In Advent" event. Although I was unsure, I've decided to join in. But, this is my foodie/diety/exercisy (yeah, right...!) blog. So I'll direct any of you good folk who have come to visit me during Advent over to my other blog, at View from the Teapot

And anyone who would like an Adventy recipe, I direct you to The Pink Whisk from last year. I loved making these Christmas Lebkuchen biscuits...although I didn't have a star cookie cutter, so I cut them by hand. There were some fairly wierd stars last year! I'm thinking I might make these for my friends here in the village. I bought the family three (very cheap but not cheap-looking) cake tins, with "There's nothing better than a good friend...except a good friend with chocolate" on them. I've put sweets in the smallest, and I think I'll put a chocolate cake in the biggest, and Christmas cookies in the middle sized one. As it's Gerome's birthday on 23rd, he can have the chocolate banana cake as his birthday present!!!


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