Weekly Menus

I've not had time to sit down & report my weekly menus for ages...Also, I don't know if anyone's really interested. Let's be honest, I don't know if anyone's interested in this blog, full stop, but never mind! I'm here.
I've spent a few hours recently browsing sites such as the Love Food, Hate Waste one I linked to in the last post, plus others giving planned menus which use up bits from other recipes. Also there have been those blogs written by people trying a lot harder than us to save money. And it got me musing...

Quite often I find myself with a recipe using, for example, half a tin of chickpeas. I either throw in the whole tin (they're good for us...it won't make much difference...etc) or keep them in a box in the fridge until they've gone slimy and then give them to the chickens.
IF I have time to lookat recipes and consider carefully, I could plan better to use up the bits.

The other rather wasteful thing I do is not plan lunches. I just buy paté/charcuterie/cheese etc and let Mr D choose what he wants & make my sandwiches as I want. Which means I either don't buy enough, or I buy too much, or I buy lots of stuff (processed meats) that aren't really good for us.
IF I have time I can plan better sandwich fillings, which are less wasteful, & which are better for us.

Of course, it's always the "IF I have time.."which is the difficulty - although, if I'm honest, I probably have more time than I think I have. It's just I don't often use the time I've got to its full capacity. Watching stuff on TV that I don't REALLY want to watch, or flicking through a magazine, or surfing loads of blogs or The Ship on t'internet isn't always the best use of time - enjoyable though it can be!

Anyway, with a short break from work (Monday Tuesday, Wednesday) I have had time to plan better. So here (for anyone who might be on this blog, other than the tumbleweed that occasionally blows through...) are this week's planed menus:
Lunch: Mr D is cycling to Vichy and back with his friends. (A round trip of Far Too Many Kilometres) I'm treating myself to a mini pizza with goat's cheese.(Mr D doesn't like goat's cheese. He claims it is too "goaty")
Dinner: Spinach & Mushroom lasagne (using up ricotta & 1/2 a ball of mozzarella) plus salad
Lunch:Roast chicken & grape sandwich filler. (This sounded delicious and filling & quite good-for-us. I will make enough for 4 helpings so we can both have it tomorrow as well. Me in my square bread sandwiches, and Mr D in his baguette)
Dinner:Baked potatoes, smoked salmon filling (uses salmon bits, so not too extravagant) and home made coleslaw.

Lunch: Yesterday's filler
DINNER: Chicken & chorizo cous cous, with peas (Just had a frozen food delivery from Toupargel, so I've got peas in the freezer.)
Today's a bit heavy on the chicken, but never mind.
Lunch:Homemade houmous + feta and vegetable filler. (This sounds remarkably sloppy, but also delicious. I'm not sure how I'll cope with it as a portable lunch in a sandwich box, but we'll see.)
Dinner: Homemade pizza (using left over pasta sauce, mozzarella from Tuesday and chorizo from Thursday) and salad.
Lunch: Same as yesterday. We'll both need fuel for cycling in the afternoon.
Dinner: Keema Karahi (a Pakistani minced beef dish) with naan (courtesy of Steve & Cathy), raita and chickpea salad (using the rest of the chickpeas from the houmous. The chickens will be disappointed, as they love chickpeas!)

Lunch: Ham & cheese toastie (must remember to get Pain Pesée instead of a flute today!)
Dinner:Pork with peanuts, rice and tomato&onion salad.

I'm not sure about the calorific value of these meals. Maybe some of thm are a bit cheese heavy, but I think generally there's not too much of a problem. As long as I endeavour to keep portions to a normal size, and we continue to exercise, then I think the weight will continue to decrease.


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