Over at The Teapot

Some crafting being shown off over at the Teapot.

Do pop over and see...


  1. I love your picture. Do you have a family connection with the Liverpool area? Jx

    1. Yes, I do, Jan. I am a proud scouser. I was brought up in Aintree until I left for college. Although I haven't lived there since then(sad face) mum lives in Sefton, and so we go back fairly regularly (if infrequently.) I would happily go back to live in the north west, if we left France, so who knows? Maybe we will end up there again! I gave the zentangle to my sister for her birthday - she lives in Leicester now. With my brother in Yorkshire, mum is the last bastion of our family in the city of our roots. Although my niece, her husband and soon-to-be-baby, and my nephew live in Manchester - which is almost as good!!


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