Saturday, 27 August 2016

Apologies to my readers

The last few weeks I have been pre-occupied: first going to the UK, then losing George and having my mother to stay.

Mum has gone home.
George has not come home.

We are sad, and I cannot bring myself to write cheery posts about food and so on. Later I will tell you about my beautiful niece's wedding, and our short trip to the Cantal; later I will return to giving you recipes and menus.

But for now we are still pre-occupied by George's disappearance and fearing we won't ever see our lovely boy again.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Still Chat Perdu

Nothing yet.

You can read the story so far at The Teapot

We are all so sad without George.Millie is particularly missing her brother...

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Cleaning 'n' tidying

I am all tidied out! Because mum is coming back with me when I return from the UK, I wanted to give the house a really good clean - this is something that isn't undertaken lightly!! So the order of events has been...

Monday - my study got a tidy and vacuum and  the spare bedreoom got tidied, vacuumed, cleaned. Then used as a dumping ground (d'oh!) so I still have to give it a bit of a going over. Maybe.
Tuesday: Our bedroom really got sorted. All the books off the shelves, dusted, moved, polished, vaccumed. Oh the dust and fluff! I could have knitted another cat from the cat hair that was flying around!!!

Wednesday: The bathroom got done today.
Thursday - I had to go to Roanne for various appointments and the shopping, so no cleaning today.
Friday - all the kitchen cupboards were emptied, wiped, cleaned, tidied...The top of the fridge...The most DISGUSTING cupboard-under-the-sink ever got cleaned, wiped, reorganised. I got severely poked by the bristles of a very vicious scrubbing brush that I didn't know was in there.
Saturday (today) - The dining room cupboards were emptied of crockery, glasses, etc and cleaned and reorganised...Sentiment had no part here and various things that I'd kept because they reminded me of someone/some time got thrown out. Jars of jam that had mouldy tops went out. I may have wasted some that was still okay to eat, but I wasn't sure about it, and I knew Mr FD (the main jam eater) wouldn't touch it. Meanwhile Mr FD did a bit of vacuuming and washed the floors.

Tomorrow I'm ironing, packing, printing off tickets etc, so no cleaning then. Mr FD has instructions to clean stairs and landings and the downstairs salon before we get back on the 15th. And to give the houise a final vacuum. As I've done every other bloody room I don't feel a bit guilty about asking him to do that, especially as he's at home for two days of that week (Yes, he has some work to do, but it's still officially holiday for him) The one room I haven't touched is Mr FD's study - his study, his mess.

As I'm leaving on Monday I've not really planned much food...I am missing an ingredient for the planned bulghar wheat salad tonight so I'm going to do jacket potatoes with a vegetarian chilli (topped with bacon bits, sour cream and cheese)  instead. Just as healthy (yeah right!!).

There are various things in the freezer that Mr FD can have during the week, so he doesn't need to think about cooking when he gets back from work, just dinging in the microwave. It means he won't have to go shopping either.

So I'm off-line for one week definitely, and then maybe for the weeks after when mum is here. I may have time to pop in, but don't worry if I don't.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

For Cat Lovers...

Aril, over at Wonderings & Wanderings from Gnat Bottomed Towers posted this. I wanted to share it with you  in case you hadn't seen it!

I'm not sure how much I approve of using cats in this way - but I love it!

I like this Ikea one too...

And if you follow this link there's an explanation of how they made that advert, and here's a rather amusing parody of that explanation...

Yes, okay, so Cats aren't exactly "Food" related, but I've just posted something else over at The Teapot so I came here with the cat videos!