Apologies to my readers

The last few weeks I have been pre-occupied: first going to the UK, then losing George and having my mother to stay.

Mum has gone home.
George has not come home.

We are sad, and I cannot bring myself to write cheery posts about food and so on. Later I will tell you about my beautiful niece's wedding, and our short trip to the Cantal; later I will return to giving you recipes and menus.

But for now we are still pre-occupied by George's disappearance and fearing we won't ever see our lovely boy again.


  1. Oh dear... Sorry about your loss♥ Hugs ♥


  2. I hope George finds his way back, but I know you've prepared yourself for that not happening. I'm sorry, dear Mouse.

  3. Oh bless. Hope he comes home soon.x

  4. Ohhh...poor kitty. So glad to have found your blog...hope George finds his home soon.

  5. So very sorry to hear that George is still not home.

  6. So sorry to hear about George. We loved our 14 year old Jak so much but he was not well at the end and we had to make a decision to have him euthanised but at least we knew he had gone peacefully. It's the not knowing that is so hard. I do hope you have some good news soon.


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