Apologies - again!

Hello my lovely Peeps! I am sorry to have left you hanging with no blog post for over two weeks! How rude of me!

 (Haven't decorated yet! Eep!)

The bathroom is still unfinished, but it is usable. And it is very nice (if you don't look too closely at the finishing off!) We've bought a few new accessories (including the world's most expensive bin!) and we do like it...Hopefully it will be finished soon. We're a tad pissed off as we have to finish stuff off ourselves that we would have expected the builder to do (But it's not on the devis!)

In fact Mr FD had a minor painting disaster today - he was priming the wooden battens that are going to be added to the top of the tiles and the join between wall and ceiling, when Bib, the inquisitive cat, managed to knock over the tin of primer, all over herself, the floor and various other places. Scared witless, she then scooted all round the house, leaving paint-y paw marks everywhere! Mr FD managed to catch her and took her into the shower for a good wash before she could ingest too much of it trying to clean herself! I'm sorry I missed it!!

We're off to the UK for Christmas...So there won't be any posts for a while. I'll try to post next weekend - maybe with a picture of the finished bathroom!!

If you would like some quietly meditative Christmas music, I would definitely recommend this concert by Sting from Durham Cathedral, in 2009. I have had it playing gently in the background while I have been blogging.

If you'd like to read about my Advent Challenges you can go to The Teapot

Food-wise nothing exciting has been happening - except I bought a Christmas ham in Ikea today (it's really hard to find proper gammon-ham here) which I will roast tomorrow - when it's defrosted. Then we'll be having ham for a couple of meals this week. Nom-nom.

TODAY: Pork steaks in a kind-of ratatouille-y sauce, pasta.

MONDAY: Ham, chips, and HM coleslaw.

TUESDAY: Probably out for dinner.We are thinking about going to see "Arrival" in the cinema in Clermont, so we'll eat out somewhere.

WEDNESDAY: It's the Dance group Christmas party so I'm not eating at home. I will maybe buy some liver for Mr FD. Yuckity-yuck!

THURSDAY: Ham and mushrooms in sauce, rice.

FRIDAY: Something from the freezer - I think there's some meatballs in there to have with a sauce and pasta.

SATURDAY: Something that uses up the bits that are around before we go to the UK.

SUNDAY: We'll have lunch - probably a steak & chips - as Mr FD is coming to the Service of 9 Lessons & Carols inthe evening, and then we're going to travel on to Bourges from there. This will save us coming home and then getting up dead early on Monday to set off for the UK. We'll have a sandwich tea between choir rehearsal and the service before leaving after the event itself (there'll be some mulled wine and mince pies afterwards, but we thought we'd have a couple of sandwiches)

We'll miss seeing our lovely kitties for that night, but it can't be helped.... After George's escape we're not letting them out on the balcony while we're away. Our friend Alison will pop in to feed them, and she'll also bring her daughter to play with them from time to time.


  1. Hello! Nice to hear from you. I'm glad the bathroom is usable but Ahrgh, Bib wasn't the most helpful she could be! Have a lovely Christmas. We are in South Africa for Christmas!

  2. I'm so glad you can use your bathroom now.
    Aw Bib was only trying to "help" lol.
    Enjoy your trip xx

  3. Travelling mercies and happy Christmas to you both and your puss cats. x


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