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Hello Dear Peeps!
I hope everyone is well and not too chilly. The temperatures have risen here, but my study still feels chilly - the old stone house takes a while to warm up.

I meant to update this blog on Tuesday but couldn't be bothered - how rude! Trying to keep two blogs goping is a bit time consuming, & I want to try to continue with the Teapot because I'm blogging about 40 Acts. Even so, I had to do a mammoth catch up on Friday as I'd let that slip too.

Mr FD has been in the UK collecting a car which we have been given.  He left on Wednesday and is due back later today. I've quite enjoyed this little break being by myself., although I've been lazy about food...
WEDNESDAY evening I picked up a pizza from the van as I came home (no dancing tonight). I ate half.
THURSDAY: I ate the half pizza from yesterday with HM coleslaw
FRIDAY: Jacket potato with beans & cheese.
SATURDAY: bought pasta sauce, jazzed up with extra veggies & bacon bits

On Thursday I had an opthalmologist appointment in Clermont, and saw that "Room" was being shown in VO at the cinema. So I treated myself to lunch out - goats' cheese salad & a beer - and then went to the pictures!
I'd already read the book, but even so, I found the tension almost unbearable. An excellent film which I thoroughly recommend.

The rest of this week's menu planning looks like this:

TONIGHT: Confit de canard, roast potatoes, green beans
MONDAY: Spicy roast vegetables with rice.
TUESDAY: Mary Berry lasagne
WEDNESDAY: Casserole from freezer.

Next weekend we're off for 5 days with the Cyclo Club to La Londe in the south

The cyclists will be cycling. I may do some gentle walking, but Sylvie and I are also thinking about sneaking off for a day at the Thallasotherapy centre nearby. I'll also take some drawing stuff and my Kindle - must pop a few more books on there!

Thank you for your comments, as always. I'm sorry I've been so lax in blogging recently. I'm afraid it will continue over the next few weeks because of Stuff Going On (good stuff though!)


  1. Nice to see you blog! I always like hearing what you are eating!x

  2. Our cat does that; ignores us and faces the wall. Confit for one? That sounds indulgent.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. DOn't worry, Cro - Mr FD was back in time to share tjhe confit...and the spare ducky leg was shredded into another meal. So it wasn't that indulgent after all!!


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