Notes as we go through the week

We were unpacking the shopping, and Mr FD said wistfully "It would be nice to have a bit more meat..." This week is a bit veggie heavy - but I've planned chicken, mince and fish in the next week, so that should make him a bit happier! It was quite a big bill today - 50€ in Lidl, 10€ in Grand Frais (veggies & fruit), and another 50€ in Carrefour. I did pick up a few "big" items, and a couple of store cupboard essentials that I was running out of, but it was more than I'd hoped to pay. I'm not trying to cut back that much, but, like everyone, we need to try to tighten our belts a little.

We are also trying to have two non-alcohol days a week. That's not too difficult, really. I like to open a bottle at the weekend, which usually lasts us through Friday and Saturday evening...I usually end up opening another bottle on Sunday, so that's Sunday and Monday evening. Tuesday is no alcohol, Wednesday is when my friend comes round, and we do usually polish off another bottle. I do wonder if maybe that's a bit too much, and whether we should try to cut back a bit there! Thursday wil be the other no alcohol day. I don't think it's too difficult. I would miss my wine if I didn't have it - I like the taste! - but I'm quite content with a glass of sparkling water instead.


  1. Just remember how good red wine is for your heart! I've cut back recently and substituted tea!
    Good luck
    Mary oxo

  2. Will you show us all those delicious veggie meals? I hope so!


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