Not a very informative update

I forgot to weigh myself this morning - maybe it's Freudian.I do seem to have stuck at the 92 kg level for quite some time. But I really haven't been trying on the food front...liquorice allsorts, Tunnocks wafers, crisps and chocolate chip cookies have crept back into the diet (to say nothing of the Lindt chocolate bunny) (but it was only 2,50€ for a big bunny and five baby bunnies. It would have been a crime to refuse to buy it!) While these things are fine on a controlled basis they have been slipping out of control a little. So I need to try to be a little stricter with myself again.

Cycling has been going well - only 17 more km to do and I'll have reached halfway on the Cycle Challenge. Tuesday is my half-way point, timewise and I'm pretty sure I've got no afternoon lessons so I can go out tomorrow. I was pleased with yesterday's ride on two fronts: (1) I got up a certain hill without stopping (this hill is one I've always had to stop on before now to puff and pant) OK, so it was in the Granniest of Granny Gears, but I did it AND I actually wasn't puffing like a grampus at the end. (2) When we got back home, 35 km later, my legs felt as though they could do a little more. I was tempted to carry on, but my back was beginning to play up, so I thought it prudent to stop. Could I just point out the Un-Fat Dormouseishness of the words "I was tempted to carry on".

However, while the Cycle Challenge is going well, news from Chisomo itself is not good. Richard, the Englishman that we know who supports the school, has been arrested. I don't know all the details, having got the story third hand, but it all seems very "political".Apparently, the Powers That Be wanted him to give up the truck that he uses in Zambia and give them the money he was carrying for the school. When he refused, he was taken in for questioning and accused of money laundering and drug smuggling (because some  Nytol was found on his person). His trial is on 6th June. We are all hoping and praying for a just outcome.


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