Thursday, 29 September 2011

Another HUZZAH! for me

Sorry about the rapid double posting, but I've just done my sums - I've raised 889€ for Chisomo Community Trust. If I can persuade my friends to be hyper generous, I may just get to the 1,000! Even if I don't, I am very, very pleased with what I have done.
But, Richard is still facing serious charges in Zambia. He's in France at the moment, but going back to face his trial on Sunday. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

Being Lazy...

...I'm directing you over to my post on my other blog Two Great Weekends (that's the post, not the blog)
Why type the same thing out twice?!

I'mm not very good at blogging. And I think I'm terrible at being frugal - I'd planned great things (see the last few posts on this blog) but none have come to fruition! We're back spending dosh (we had some lovely meals out!) and spending what seems like far too much for two people at the supermarket! I follow  this blog of a young single mum, who is amazingly clever at being frugal. She sets herself the target of spending £150 on groceries for herself and her three children a month!!!! I can barely manage to spend less than that a week!

Still, I suppose I should keep trying. But I can't imagine folk are interested in my weekly menus, so I don't think I'll bother posting them - but do, please, tell me if you ARE interested! Suffice to say, we eat some lovely things, some ordinary things and some minor disasters! Today is chicken in a jar of Wagamama's slightly spicy sauce with veggies and noodles. And I'll probably make some mushroom soup to freeze as I got a barquette of 1 kg of mushrooms for 3€ there is a tiny, tiny bit of frugality here - though I'm not sure how much room there is in the freezer. We may have to eat something to fit stuff in!!!